Executive coaching

  • How do you develop as a leader?
  • How do you make time for personal reflection?
  • Do you have an independent sounding board?

Our coaches are often told that our work leads to:

  • more clearly defined and focused goals
  • fresh perspectives and reflection
  • the professional development of colleagues and teams
  • the drive to implement change

We follow the research ongoing in this field, and our digitalized knowledge gives us access to a wide range of research reports, leadership tools, including the processes required for effective business planning, change, decision-making and communication. The coach acts as a sounding board in the face of strategic, operational and leadership issues.
Our coaching programme is conducted through monthly meetings over a one-year period, using a proven structured model to work towards a long-term vision, on the specific issues you choose. We report back to you after every meeting, and together we reflect on the outcome of your goals. In our experience, this allows leaders to become more highly focused and to have more impact on their organisation. It creates awareness, boosts energy and leads to results.