Management teams

  • Is the work of the management team effective,
    and does it maximise the group’s potential?
  • How do the members of the management team interact to define
    organisational goals and strategies?
  • How does the management team work on tackling issues for the future?

Taking our clients’ issues as a starting point, we help the management team to collaborate on establishing organisational goals, and on setting a course towards their fulfilment.
Our efforts to help companies and organisations progress towards set goals by providing support to the management team includes:

  • work on a company’s vision, strategy and business plan
  • decision-making and communication
  • building your team effectiveness
  • scenario work
  • team composition and group dynamics

A programme designed to enable a more effective management team is run over a one-year period. In our experience, this leads to sustainable change. We foster reflection, and bring about increased awareness, deep insight and fresh perspectives. With our input, insights can be gained, and organisational objectives can be achieved more rapidly.