The Board

  • How does the board work?
  • How do you make the best use of everybody’s skills,
    and get the board to function as a team?
  • Is the board’s work effective and how do we evaluate it?

Our job of developing the work carried out by the board may include:

  • individual coaching for the chair of the board
  • chairing – providing a network that can help to develop
    the role of the chair of the board
  • forming the board – a process carried out with the whole board

Many of our coaches have extensive experience of board membership themselves, as well as of board or chairperson development. Our various programmes for board development is tailored to specific needs.

Chairing gives access to

    Chairing is an exclusive network to help develop the role of the chair of the board. It offers you a sounding board when discussing the work of the board.
    The programme includes:

  • How well does your board function?
  • How do you harness each director’s skills and get the board to act as a team?
  • Do you have anyone with whom you can discuss board work and new ideas?

Chairing is an exclusive network for developing the role of chairperson.

The programme includes;

  • making the best use of all competence on the board
  • creating a team spirit and a strategic focus
  • the pitfalls of decision-making
  • how to handle different personality types
  • how and when to coach the CEO

The network is run for one year, during which five meetings are held. An experienced board chairperson is invited to contribute to the discussions at one of these meetings.

In our experience, small-scale networks and ideas sessions provide a stimulating context to work from – especially for those fulfilling a role in which they have no easy access to external parties to discuss matters with.